Recently, one of our members in Church shared an amazing testimony in one of our services. The testimony goes thus: while carrying out some assignments in Church, someone called him and said, “I’ve been thinking about you lately and I think God wants me to do something for you. What do you need?” He went ahead to tell him, and he sent some money to him.

Moments later, the person called again, “I’m not at ease yet about you, are there still other things you need?” At this juncture, the brother remembered what I taught them in Church, “when God is offering you help, don’t be shy, make demands.” He listed everything he ever needed and the person swung into action to start meeting them. This is a testimony of making demands on what Grace has supplied.

Friend, what would you do when you suddenly hear that all you ever need in life is receiving an attention for marvellous supplies? What would you do if someone tells you, “tell me what you ever need and I would make them available?” If you were to receive an open cheque and someone said, “fill in the amount you think you would need in your life”, what would you fill in? This is the reality of divine help that Grace has offered you in Christ.

I know you are already thinking how fortunate you would be if you’re ever giving the privilege that church member of ours was given. But the truth is, you have been given the same privilege in Christ by Grace. In Christ, you have been given all that pertains to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). In Christ, God has made all Grace to abound towards you so that you lack nothing (2 Corinthians 9:8). In Christ, you have been super abundantly supplied!

Now, you need to understand that while Grace supplies, Faith demands. The problem is not what God’s Grace has supplied, but what your Faith is demanding. In Christ, God is not going to do it, God has done it! But your Faith needs to lay hold on it. While Grace is God’s giving hand, Faith is man’s receiving hand. Is it possible that there are stuff that Grace has supplied that you are yet to take delivery of?

Perhaps, you are still considering how authentic it is what God is bringing. May be you are still doubting, “could this be true?” Yes, most times, what Grace has supplied appears too good to be true. That is why it is called, “Amazing Grace.” If it is not amazing, it is probably not Grace. Like that dear brother in Church, remember the word of God towards you, “don’t be afraid to make demands on what My Grace has supplied.” Enjoy a Surplus New Month!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria