I heard the story of a family who had a housemaid possessed with witchcraft spirit. She was on assignment to destroy that family. She did everything possible to provoke the family to anger. But they always showed her love. That atmosphere was so love-filled that she had to leave. She later confessed that the love in the home frustrated her plans. Love always wins.

Friend, love always wins. For us as Christians, love is not an option. It is our life and our lifeline. Without love, we would not operate properly in the kingdom. We would also be giving the enemy a foothold in our lives and enterprise (Ephesians 4:26-27). Love is not a feeling. Love is not reasoning or logic. Love is a decision. We choose to love.

God is love. God operates best in the atmosphere of love (1 John 4:16). Just as fish cannot survive outside of water, an atmosphere void of love would not allow God to manifest Himself (John 14:21). It rather makes it easy for the devil to operate. We give room for the devil when we don’t walk in love (Ephesians 4:27).

We don’t love people because they are deserving of it (Romans 5:8). We love them because we are love being. We love people because of us, not because of them.  We know that our faith cannot work without love (Galatians 5:6). We know that love attracts the move of God in our direction. Love closes the door against the enemy. Love conquers all.

Choosing to do the direct opposite of the bad stuff that people do to you would make them rethink their actions. You would be heaping coals of fire on their head (Romans 12:17-21). It makes them uncomfortable to the point of surrender. This was the strategy of God; He loved us to obedience (Luke 7:44-48, Romans 5:8). Love would melt the hardest of hearts. Love heals. Love converts.

We are not loving because we are stupid but because we are scripturally smart. Even when people take advantage of our tender and loving heart, we keep loving them. Love is the trademark of true disciples of Jesus (John 13:35). It is not the tongues we speak or the devils we cast out. It is in how we live (1 Corinthians 13:1-3). Love always wins.

© ‘Demola Awoyele

Lead Pastor,

Destiny Impact Church

Akure, Nigeria