It was shocking to receive the news of the demise of a first class king in our dear state. The news had it that he was killed by some unknown gunmen on his way from a meeting. While commenting on his death, I heard someone said, “a first class king like that should have some spiritual power to defend him against such attacks; he should not think he would enjoy life without some empowerment.”

The above comment got me thinking again about the seriousness of life. Life is spiritual. It takes some form of empowerment to reign as a king in your sphere of operations. Earlier that day, I was listening to a teaching where the speaker said, “the days we are in is so dark that Church members need to be as spiritual as their pastors if they hope to survive. Gone are the days of ‘pastor please, remember me in your prayers'”.

That teaching has not left me since then. It looks to me as if the more dangerous the days we are in is, the more careless people seem to be, even believers. It is not accident that the scriptures read, “The LORD shall send the rod of your strength out of Zion: rule in the midst of your enemies” (Psalms 110:2). There is an empowerment that causes a man to rule in the midst of enemies.

The kind of table (of greatness) that God is setting before some of us would have to be in the presence of our enemies (Psalms 23:5). If you must eat and enjoy greatness in such a hostile environment, it must be because of the confidence you have in your spiritual backing. This is why before God can set you up for a rising, He would first dig you deep in empowerment.

My spiritual father taught us that for every seat that God gives you among men, He would necessarily give you a higher seat in the realm of the spirit where you would actually be ruling from. Your job is to identify that seat, service the spiritual side of that position and make sure you function from there. Don’t play the normal or natural with life and people; life is spiritual.

It is ignorance to think that you are not called into a ‘spiritual assignment’; every platform is spiritual, be it business, politics, career or Church. The spiritual controls the physical. You need to service the spiritual side of your life. This was the secret of Daniel (Daniel 2:16-19, 6:10). Don’t joke with prayers. Don’t be word bankrupt. Don’t trivialize pastoral and local Church ministry. Stay fervent in the spirit as you carry God to your sphere of operations (Romans 12:11). You will succeed!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria