We were in the midst of a major examination, a physics course on campus. It was in my year two. I had forgotten a formula without which I could not proceed with the question. I would miss the remaining questions too and may eventually fail the course unless I did something fast. Cheating was not an option, but the Holy Spirit was my advantage. Despite the tension in the hall, I took a break to pray in the Holy Spirit, and the answer was supplied. I leveraged divine wisdom, and I passed the course with an excellent grade!

Friend, you need to leverage divine wisdom for a life of success and victory (Job 32:8). The Wisdom of God expresses itself, among others, in divine idea, divine inspiration, and divine impartation. When God blesses us, He often blesses with ideas. If you don’t learn to trap these ideas, you would be complaining unnecessarily, not knowing that you have been blessed.

For example, when you give your Tithes, you should expect the blessing of divine ideas when the “windows of heaven” are opened unto you as the divine response to your obedience (Malachi 3:10). Most people, however, look away from this critical response and wonder why they are not blessed. Actually, nobody has a money problem. People only have wisdom or idea problem (Ecclesiastes 10:10, 15).

For every problem or challenge you are faced with, God has a wisdom response to it (John 6:5-6). This is why we must learn to write down those divine thoughts and awareness that come to us when we pray or seek God’s face. Don’t forget that this intangible blessing is what delivers the tangible blessing that we desire into our hands.

Is there any challenge that you are faced with today? I encourage you to tap into the wisdom of God for ideas on how to go about it (Genesis 41:16, 33-34). Does the future look bleak? Know that God has answers with Him for whatever question you are currently faced with and that you would be faced with in the future. What you need to do is to tap into such ideas available for you in God in prayers, worship, word, and your daily walk with the Lord.

You cannot be stranded following God. Like Jesus, you will always know what to do (John 6:6). Make a habit to expect wisdom response from God in the form of ideas. Write them down, pray over them, take steps, and believe God for supernatural results as you go all out in faith and obedience. And it shall be well with you!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria