Recently, I was heading for an appointment in another part of the country. I was not used to the area, so I encountered a roadblock due to construction work. The work was done, but the workers refused to lift the barrier. Some people were allowed to pass, but I was denied. I tried explaining to them that I was new in the area and also late for my appointment. My explanations fell on deaf ears.

Suddenly, a young man appeared! He approached my car, sighted me, and shouted, while prostrating; “Pastor! I never knew it’s you!” He ordered the workers to allow my vehicle to pass. I later realized he’s the senior engineer handling the project. The young man attended our church about 5 years ago as a corps member in our state. God had positioned him for me without my knowing. Truly, impact speaks!

Friend, impact speaks! Impact is a seed. It would keep speaking long after you have sowed it (Genesis 8:22). Genuine kingdom impact will last beyond your lifetime. God wants your impact to be global, eternal, and generational. You are ordained to be an eternal excellency and the joy of many generations (Isaiah 60:15). But how do you position yourself for lasting impact?

First, understand that the biggest impact you can ever make is to impact people for God (Acts 4:13). This was the difference between David and Saul. Saul only affected the physical and economic life of the people. He never affected their walk with God (2 Samuel 1:24-25). The ark of the covenant was nowhere to be found in the days of Saul. But when David became king, he ordered that the ark be brought (2 Samuel 6:2). God must take the centre stage of his life and leadership.

Is God at the centre of your life and leadership? Are you only branding sin and decorating ungodliness? No matter how much physical and economic impact you make in people’s lives, everything will be forgotten in a hurry. This is why today, we remember David, but who still remembers Saul and the impact of his leadership (Acts 13:36)?

Who would remember you and the impact of your life? Kingdom impacts don’t die. The seed of the word of God abides forever (Psalms 119:89, 1 Peter 1:23-25). As a parent, don’t only send your children to the best schools for academic development. Also, help them to know God. Sow the seed of the word of God into their lives. Let them know God for themselves (2 Timothy 3:15).

Secondly, don’t fake things. Listen, what you fake won’t last. Don’t go for cosmetics. Go for real impact. Don’t build your life and leadership on what is trending. Build it on truth. Build it on what is eternal (John 6:66-68). Some things may not be trending but would give lasting value. Stop looking for immediate gratification. Don’t get discouraged by what is not happening now. Always remember that the future does not belong to the man doing it quick, but to the man doing it right.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria