One culture I have instilled in my children is the culture of saying thank you. Of course, I still struggle with having them practise this all the time. I also try to model it before them. For example, I thank my wife for every single meal she serves me. I also thank my children if I ever ask them to do anything for me. I have learnt that the culture of thanksgiving is the culture of greatness and multiplication. Learn to say thank you.

Friend, learn to say thank you (Luke 17:12-19).
Thank God. Thank people. Beware of entitlement mentality. Nobody owes you anything. Thank your boss for the privilege of working with him and for the salary. Thank your clients or customers for their patronage. Thank your parents, spouse, pastors, lecturers, etc. Thank the cab driver, the waiter, gateman, etc.

Thank your friends for being there for you (Mark 2:1-5). Thank people. It does not reduce you. It only shows your good character. Don’t be too used to blessings that you forget to thank the blesser (Psalms 103:1-5). Don’t be too used to receiving help that you forget to thank the helper. Although God is our ultimate helper, He uses people to help us. Thank those people, too. They are not taking the place of God in your life. They are only taking their place in God as ordained by God (1 Chronicles 12:18, 22).

Pastors, thank your workers and members. Thank people. It is a culture that is lacking in our clime today. But it is a powerful kingdom culture (1 Thessalonians 5:18). When someone sends you a file or document, thank that person. Sometimes, you don’t feel like saying thank you. That’s when you really need to say it. Most people assume or say that they don’t need your thank you. But thanking people encourages them. It makes them know that they are valued and valuable. It makes them know that their seemingly little effort is significant.

Perhaps some of the depressions and suicides in the world today are because of lack of appreciation. As little as it seems, a lot of people are dying for lack of appreciation. If you only thank God, but you don’t sincerely thank people, you are still an ingrate. If someone was used by God to help you, thank them for yielding to God. Not everyone yields to God that way (Romans 16:3-4).

This season, let your Thanksgiving go to another level. Make a list of people you need to thank specially for making your life and year rewarding (Romans 16:1-16). Accompanying it with a gift would make the Thanksgiving louder and better. This is one of the little but mighty things. It would change the atmosphere of your life for the better. It would unlock more favours and blessings. Ingratitude shuts critical doors. May your doors not be shut this season. Thanksgiving is a subtle application for more. Learn to say thank you. It doesn’t bite!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria