Recently I did a review of my broadcast list on WhatsApp just to ascertain my readership. I humbly requested that people should feel free to let me know if I should discontinue sending them the daily devotionals. The response was interesting. With the exception of one or two people who declined, virtually everyone that responded “begged” me to continue. Some even called me; pastors and great leaders inclusive. The daily responses I received went up afterwards. This affirms the truth I want to share with you today; never stop what you are doing even when you feel nobody is noticing it.

Friend, the key to progress in life is consistency. There is no accidental success. Big shots are small shots that keep shooting until they become big. The truth is, a lot of people are drawing inspiration daily from your life and activities even when they pretend otherwise. This is why you must never allow people’s responses or reactions to deter you on your journey of obedience with God. Men’s applause is not as important as divine approval.

Let me say this to those who are being blessed by someone, somewhere, somehow. Learn to acknowledge it. Learn to show appreciation. Don’t be an ingrate. Don’t ride on someone else’s grace and do as if you are self made. We are all products of people’s contributions to our lives; either directly or indirectly. Only God knows how many great works that have been stopped because of silent followers who are very stingy with appreciation and commendation.

Learn to appreciate what people do. Don’t assume they don’t need it. Even the strongest of us need some doze of motivation and encouragement to keep us going. People will do better with commendation rather than condemnation. Stop focusing on what people are doing wrong, celebrate what they do right. Appreciate your wife. She may not be doing everything right but she’s sure doing a few things right; emphasize and celebrate that.

Send a “Thank you” note to your pastor; accompanying it with a gift won’t be a bad idea too. Too many pastors are dying out of frustration and a sense of failure these days. The reason is not far fetched. People expect a lot from them. They criticise them at the slightest opportunity. They withhold compliments and appreciation from them with the assumption that they don’t need it; “they are MEN OF GOD,” we say. But the best of man is still man in himself. Encourage your pastor. Tell him how much his messages and leadership have blessed you; be a son of consolation (Acts 4:36-37).

Appreciate your parents and siblings. Some of your friends have stayed with you for years, through thick and thin, appreciate them. Your husband may not be carrying out all his duties and responsibilities as expected, appreciate the ones he’s doing. Tell him how good and caring he is. Appreciate your Boss for giving you the opportunity to work with him. Tell him how much the company has enhanced your life. People do better when they are appreciated.

Let me encourage all of you out there who are doing stuff with little or no recognition and appreciation. Keep at it! You are doing a great work (Nehemiah 6:3). Don’t stop! Let your conviction be stronger than the commendation or lack of it. And don’t let the commendation or applause sweep you off your feet. Keep doing what you are doing. See yourself as living in the audience of one (God). And the God who sees what you do in secret will surely reward you openly (Matthew 6:4). Amen!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria