Shortly after we left our former ministry where we had pastored for a few years, I was invited to minister in a church in a major city in our nation. The pastor of the church was an elderly man. I was recommended for the program. Unknown to me, he had called our former ministry and senior ministers to hear what they had to say about me before granting me access to his pulpit.

When he was to introduce me on the program day, he said something I would never forget; “Demola, I have heard a lot of positive things about you. You are a good man. You can have my pulpit.” That statement taught me something about credibility. How credible are you?

Friend, how are credible are you? Credibility is capital in life, business, and ministry (Proverbs 22:1). Our world is in dire need of credible men, not just competent men. Like it was in the former days, Christian must be trusted with sensitive positions in the secular. The church must raise credible people (Acts 11:26, James 2:7).

There is something about longevity and credibility. The longer you live, the more credible you should be (Proverbs 16:31). This is why global brands who have stood the test of time are always proud to tell us when they started from. They seem to say; “You can trust us.” Can you be trusted? How has your journey into greatness being?

Truly, it is the road that makes the man. What have you become in your journey of destiny (John 1:12)? Have you become more crooked or more credible? Are you dependable, reliable, and followable? Do you have integrity? What do the people in your past say about you today? Do you have a skeleton in your cupboard?

Credible people are recommendable (Genesis 41:9-14). Your gifting, notwithstanding, you cannot go far without the right recommendation. David was introduced to the palace (1 Samuel 16:17-19). Joseph was introduced to the palace. Paul was introduced to the circle of the older apostles (Acts 9:26-28). Who is introducing you? How credible are you?

Be a good man, not just a skilful or an anointed man. It is who you are, not what you have that will matter at the end of the day (1 Samuel 9:6). If you must leave a place, leave well. Don’t leave a church anyhow. Don’t resign your job by just sending an SMS to your employer. Treat your clients and customers well. As a single, before you marry, ensure you leave your parents’ house well. Be credible. It is a capital you need for life and destiny.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria