I observed a conversation between my girls recently. I heard the younger one say that one of her classmates is stubborn. The older one cut in; “Don’t say he is stubborn. Just say he is active.” I was really thrilled at her level of orientation about seeing and talking about people. She has graceful lips.

Friend, do you have graceful lips? Are your words full of grace and seasoned with salt (Colossians 4:6)? Do your words heal or wound? Do your words destroy or preserve? Do your words build or tear? If you know the power of your words, you would not be poor again. You would not be sick again. You would not suffer again (1 Peter 3:10).

Until your Christianity changes your language, it has not truly changed your life (Mark 16:17). The truth is, whoever or whatever controls your words, controls your life. Did you notice that the strategy in Babylon was the change of language, aside their names and diets (Daniel 1:4)? What is powering your words (Isaiah 50:4)?

Words can determine how people turn out (Genesis 49:1-33). Spouses should stop using the wrong language on themselves. Parents should be mindful of what they call their children. Pastors should consciously speak right words over their congregation. Learn to speak the right words over your own life too (Proverbs 6:2).

Your words create a forcefield around your life. Your words release life or death (Proverbs 18:21). There are no casual words in the realm of the spirit (Ecclesiastes 5:6). Your words set spiritual forces in motion. Angels are waiting for your words (Psalms 103:20, Hebrews 1:14). Demons also want to take advantage of your negative, causal words; don’t give them an opportunity.

Learn to win with people by winning with words (Job 6:25). Sometimes, it is not about what is said but how it is said. Learn to construct your words better this season (Proverbs 25:11). Words release or unlock emotions. How does your words make people feel? Father’s words are garments on their children. Like the coat of many colours, it colours them for life and determine their reality in destiny (Genesis 37:3, 49:1-33).

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria