We had an artisan work for us in Church sometime ago. We have been giving him little jobs to do. One day, we had a ‘big’ job to do, so I told my men; “Let’s reward this man with this job, we won’t give it to another person.” We gave him the job, mobilized him with funds, and that’s the last we heard of him. He kept giving excuses.

Not too long after, we had a major project to do again, multiples of what he absconded with. We had no choice than to give it to another person. He missed the bigger blessing. He failed divine test.

Friend, God will always test you before He trusts you. God will first give you a taste of His blessings before He brings you into a state of it. It is your attitude and response that will either qualify or disqualify you from what’s next. Learn to handle divine blessings with understanding.

No matter the level of life you are in at the moment, it is only a passing phase, not a dwelling place. Don’t get carried away with the now. Faithfulness in what is small, what is someone else’s things and handling money will determine your future in God (Luke 16:10-12).

God will often test you with little before He commits much to your hands. He would watch the way you handle another person’s stuff to see if you would qualify for yours. How you handle the monies He is giving you now will determine if you would qualify for true riches.

Learn to steward your life; opportunities and blessings if you want to achieve greatness. Stewardship mentality is a Kingdom mentality. It is seeing who you are and what you have as an entrustment from God (Luke 12:16-21).

Handle your present level of life in a way that honours God and positions you for more. Maximize where you are and what you have got for God’s highest purpose. See your life as a journey; not as a destination. Take up the virtues of integrity, faithfulness and commitment that would make you qualify for more.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria