While I was waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to propose to my wife those years, something interesting happened. Another brother in the fellowship ‘received’ her, so he came to confide in me and ask for my counsel. I simply told him; “If you have been led to sister Kemi, please go ahead, she is a wonderful sister and will make a good home with you.”

The brother went ahead to propose but received a “No.” When he later discovered that I had earlier received sister Kemi but still told him to go ahead before me, he was humbled. I learnt that whatever God gives you He will keep for you.

Friend, don’t attempt to finish in the flesh what you began in the spirit (Galatians 3:3). I knew I was led to sister Kemi, but this brother’s supposed leading was something I needed to handle with care and sincerity. I gave him the freedom to propose so I won’t appear as a cunning leader. Till today, that brother still holds me in high esteem. He is also happily married today.

Your conviction would be tested by time and circumstances; the test of time is the ultimate test. I used the opportunity that time to test the validity of my conviction. When time and circumstances are testing your conviction, allow them to do their job (James 1:4). Don’t rush things. Don’t interrupt thinking you are smart. When you have an authentic gold, you are not afraid to bring it near the fire of testing.

What God gives, He protects. If I have to protect sister Kemi then may be I’m not trusting God enough, the giver of all things. The same God who kept Sarah in the house of Abimelech is still alive (Genesis 20:1-7). Brother, there is no point using gimmicks and manipulations to keep a sister, allow God to do His job. There are lots of needless infighting (over sisters) in some Christian circles today.

What if sister Kemi said “Yes” to the brother and they went ahead to get married? Well, I would move on with my life. I would assume I was wrong, and try to get it right next time. I would also remind myself that I might not be wrong after all. May be sister Kemi and/or the brother was wrong. God will give me another sister; He has a few of them I can marry. I have no power over anyone’s will. I only need to be sure I’m following God. I hope you got the lesson.

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