We were visiting with a family recently. As we were about to leave, I handed over a cash gift to their young boy. He was very excited to receive it. Then my daughter asked, “Daddy, where’s my own?” The Mum responded; “Don’t worry, we are going home together. Daddy will give you your own.” That statement passed a message to me; when you have the giver, you don’t have to worry.

Friend, you need to see and receive God as your possession. God has not only promised to give us rewards, but He has also promised to be our Reward (Genesis 15:1-2). Like Abraham, sometimes we would not see physical things yet to show for our followership of God. We might not have stuff to show that God is faithful, but we must know that He is faithful.

The jobs may not have come. The babies may not have come. The college admission may still look far away. The church may seem not to be growing. All your friends are married and you are still waiting. You have poured all your finances into the business but you are yet to make any serious profit.

You wanted God to have shown up for you. And all you hear is “I am your shield and exceeding great reward.” Like Abraham, you are tempted to still ask; “What will you give me since I go childless (Genesis 15:2)?” It is understandable to think this way going by our world’s standards. They have told you that evidence follows obedience. You are not following God properly, or may be you are living in sin if there is no visible evidence of God’s faithfulness to you.

In the kingdom, we follow the giver, not the gifts. No matter what you seem not to have, if you have God, you have all. In God lies all we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). One of the pressures the devil mounts on people is the pressure to seek alternatives to God. Don’t fall for this! Listen, whatever God has promised to do in your life will surely come to pass.

Like Abraham, don’t stagger at God’s promises. Be fully persuaded that God is faithful (Romans 4:20-21). Rest on the integrity of God to perform what He has promised (Numbers 23:19). Even when it looks like it’s coming too late, don’t be discouraged, pressured, or tempted. Rest assured that everything will happen to time and in time.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria