Back then, in my secondary school days, my covenant friend would always call me aside and ask; “Bro. Demola, what is God saying?” He would so much demand that I hear God’s voice that I had to make sure I wait on Him to speak to me in my quiet time. Thank God for friends like that. To date, I have come to value God’s voice.

Friend, God has not stopped speaking. The voice of God is the capital for life and destiny. Nothing happens until God speaks, and everything happens when He speaks. You must learn to value God’s voice in your daily life and engagements. Don’t think you are fine without God’s voice. God’s voice would always give you the advantage in life (Isaiah 48:17, 21).

Apart from being a creative God, the book of Genesis introduced God as a speaking God (Genesis 1:3). He spoke all through the Old Testament via Prophets and in the New Testament He has spoken through the Son and is still speaking through His Holy Spirit (1 Timothy 4:1, Hebrews 1:1-2). God has not stopped speaking, only that men have stopped hearing Him (Matthew 13:15, Hebrews 5:11).

One of the ways to access God’s voice is to value His voice. The value you place on God’s voice will determine your pursuit of the same. If the voice of God matters to you, then you would not venture into stuff without securing His voice. You would not start that business, ministry, marriage, etc. without His voice. Even Jesus secured God’s voice before He stepped into ministry practically (Matthew 3:17).

When at the crossroad of decision, listen to His voice (Isaiah 30:20-21). Avoid haste and pressure (Isaiah 28:16). There is something God is saying in the midst of your confusion. There is something God is saying to you now. Value His voice. Stop running helter skelter looking for what is not lost. Don’t promote the opinions of men above the voice of God. When God speaks, end of discussion!

Learn to create an atmosphere that is conducive for you to hear God’s voice. One of such atmospheres is the atmosphere of songs and worship. Worship heralds God’s presence, and His presence brings His voice (Psalms 22:3, Isaiah 30:29-30). Be a person of the word. The voice of God is upon the waters of the word (Psalms 29:3). Soak yourself in anointed teachings. The voice of God will often sound from the voice of your teachers (1 Samuel 3:4-7, Isaiah 30:20-21). God has not stopped speaking.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria