I was in my quiet time in the year 2008, lost in worship and fellowship with the Father. Then I heard His voice, “Son, can you spare me some time, I want to talk to you?” That year 2008 encounter opened up a conversation that led to the mandate we now run with in our ministry. Truly, God does not bypass the responsible.

Friend, God does not bypass the responsible for divine communication and divine choice. The burden of the faithful is more responsibility, and part of the responsibility is the privilege of divine communication. While it is true that God speaks to every of His children, the depth or weight of His communication is dependent on your level of responsibility.

Eli was still on stage, but God already bypassed him to speak to Samuel (1 Samuel 3:11, 16-18). It is possible to still be the pastor of a local church, the husband at home, or the boss at work, but critical information about the things of God is kept from you. You must be in alignment with God. Eli had lost intimacy with God; as a result, he lost accuracy in life and leadership.

Don’t assume that God would always speak to you because you carry the title of leadership without the life of leadership (1 Kings 13:11, 22:24). Leadership is not the display of title; it is an outflow of life. The leadership life is built in the place of intimacy, not mere activities (Acts 4:13). Any activity that would not enhance your intimacy is a distraction in disguise.

The information that God shares with you per time is a reflection of the part you are playing in His agenda (Genesis 18:17). Don’t take it lightly when God is not speaking to you as He should. When you stand in your place, you would be privy to divine information and instruction (1 Kings 17:1, Jeremiah 23:21-22).

God is looking for responsible men and women; those whom He can depend on (Ezekiel 22:30). Stay responsible in prayers, intimacy, and obedience to divine instruction. Stop giving excuses. Start standing with God, and for God in your family, work place, Church and the society at large, and you would be His choice for communication and leadership!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria