When my spiritual father started out in his walk with the Lord, he was instructed by God to finish the Bible four times every year. By that, he read the Bible cover to cover severally. Today, when I see the stamina and stability around his life and ministry, it inspires me greatly.

Friend, we are in a defining moment in history. The things that would define us tomorrow are already being determined today (1 Samuel 16:1). Champions are being separated from losers, victors from victims. Those who would thrive and shine after now are already being determined and separated from those who would wallow in failure and defeat.

Be intentional about capacity building. Hold yourself to highest of standards and strictest of rules (Proverbs 24:10). You cannot be too serious; you can only be too frivolous. Some of us that think we are doing too much are not even doing enough.

If you catch a revelation of your divine destiny, you would brace up and step up. You would give yourself solely and wholly to God. You would keep the devil off your life and affairs (Judges 16:19). You would cooperate with God and go all the way with Him. One day, you are going to stand on the ring of destiny, ensure you are fine and fit when that day comes (Luke 1:80).

Gather enough strength and capacity. Make the right investment in the bank of your destiny from which you can easily make withdrawals. Let the devil have no stake in your life. Let Jesus have you and all yours. Give life the fight that it requires and stay victorious.

The days of manifestations are here! The days of big businesses are here! The days of mega churches and sound pastors are here! The days of policy makers and culture shapers are here! The days of bestselling authors are here! The days of global music ministries and ministers are here! The days of role model marriages and families are here! The days of the manifestations of the sons and daughters of God are here again (Romans 8:19)! Get yourself ready!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria