When the young man calls me, “My father,” I know he has seen something beyond the ordinary. Despite having known me for years, he refused to be familiar. He has maintained this posture to date, and he is better for it.

Friend, there is a thin line between intimacy and familiarity. Whereas, familiarity has to do with being used to someone to the point that you see nothing special about him. Intimacy is being close to someone in a way that causes you to value and respect him more (Isaiah 66:2). The more you truly know people, the more you would respect them.

There is the danger of familiarity. Don’t be in a hurry to be close to someone if you have not learnt the sacredness of access (2 Kings 2:1-15). Once you get close, you are likely to see stuff (not sins) you never knew existed. You now have a choice to make; to let the faults you see affect your estimation of them or to be guided by the revelation of their relevance in your life.

When you see a man who is very close to someone and still holds that person in high esteem, you have seen a wise man. James was a half-brother of Jesus, but he was humble enough to follow him (Galatians 1:19, James 1:1). Miriam was only familiar with Moses, and she got leprosy (Numbers 12:1-10). Mary, the mother of Jesus, saw him beyond her son and followed unashamedly (Luke 24:10, Acts 1:14).

Sadly, those closest to an anointing often miss the anointing (Mark 6:1-6). When the wife of an anointed man still regards him as one despite having seen him in his weakness and vulnerability, you have seen a spouse who would walk in the grace of her husband. Abigail saw David in his prophetic destiny, and she partook of that grace (1 Samuel 25:23-32). Michal related wrongly with David, and she got barrenness in return (2 Samuel 6:16-23).

When you see associate pastors and church members who have regard for their man of God despite his closeness and friendliness with them, you have seen a people who would be unlimited in life and destiny. Unlike Elisha, the sons of the prophet were familiar with Elijah (2 Kings 2:3, 12-15). They failed to realize that, to partake of the grace upon a man of God, you must cease to know him in the flesh (Matthew 16:17-19, 2 Corinthians 5:16-17).

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria