In those days while I was contemplating God’s leading towards my wife. One of my concerns was that I needed someone who can do ministry with me. I needed a woman of God. But what the Lord said to me settled my conviction about my wife; “son, you need a wife, not a minister. And that is who I am giving you.” Hallelujah! Glory!

Friend, I am bringing that same word of God to you today; you need a wife, not a minister. The scripture did not say, “he that finds a minister, a woman of God, a pastor, has found a good thing…”, but, “Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor of the LORD.” (Proverbs 18:22). This is where a lot of people make mistake today. They are looking for someone they feel can measure up with their perceived purpose or calling.

You don’t know what you need until you know what you are to do with your life. You don’t even know what you need except God shows you. God knows your tomorrow more than you know yesterday. There is the wisdom of God in giving you a “wife”. A wife is not just a female or a lady. A wife is the embodiment of the help of God packaged for your life and destiny. She is someone who complements and competes you.

Whereas, you choose based on what you think you need which, most times, is based on what you call, “ministry or purpose”, God chooses for you based on your entire life. The truth is, if you are going into pulpit ministry, career, business, politics or any kind of calling for that matter, God has already packaged ‘ministry’ in that woman He gave you as a wife. It’s only that you can be myopic, impatient or lazy to unravel the manifold gifts packaged in the gift of your wife.

I thank God I followed God in marrying my wife. She is a minister par excellence. When I thought I needed someone who can stand on the pulpit with me, she’s that and much more. An insightful teacher of God’s word. An effective intercessor. A dynamic home keeper. A financial management expert. A wise counselor. A strong and submissive woman. A woman of wisdom and discretion. A paragon of beauty. A woman with a large heart; a caring and dynamic pastor. A woman after God’s heart. A “Proverbs 31” woman in every sense of it!

I am still unraveling the gift of my blessed wife and I’m amazed at what I discover on a daily basis. I thank God I did not fall for the trick of looking for a “fire brand lady” at the expense of the complete package of a wife. A lot of people have married anointed devils today. Some have married firebrand fools. A lot have married slay queens and their destinies have been slain. Some people have married hot ladies and they are in hot soup today.

My admonition for you is this; you need a wife, a husband, not all of those stuff that people ignorantly die for today. As a single or married person, when you trust the wisdom of God in leading you to the right spouse, all that you need for life and destiny have been packaged in that person. What you need is revelation, appreciation and a sense of responsibility to unravel the total package in that spouse. You will succeed!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria