We had only few weeks to our wedding. We had pulled some money together as savings. Then, while praying, the Lord said, “take the money you have been saving for your wedding and print your next book.” I was surprised. We needed money yet God asked us to invest it in the ministry. We obeyed and God used that book to open streams of income for us. God sponsored the wedding, we had more than enough!

I have been asked severally; “should one marry by faith, or wait until everything is set?” My answer is always the same; “marry by faith!” Friend, if the scripture says that, “the just shall live by faith…”(Habakkuk 2:4), don’t you think that marriage is included? The just shall marry by faith, build by faith, start a ministry, business or career etc., by faith.

The question is not, “should I marry by faith.” The question should be, “what does it mean to marry or live by faith?” Faith is still the Kingdom way for life and living (Romans 14:23). When you start out your life; marriage, career, ministry etc., by faith, you become unlimited. You come to that point where money is no longer your problem but what you can believe God for.

The reason you need to marry by faith is that, once faith starts the journey, faith would continue it. The faith that you develop and deploy to begin your marital journey becomes what you would leverage for every phase of the marriage. Why are you trying to ‘faith’ stuff in your marriage and life when it was not faith that began it?

However, faith must be well understood. Faith is not an enemy of planning. In our own case, we had plans. We had savings. We were making moves while believing God. We were standing on specific promises and instructions from God. All these and many more are the elements of biblical faith that won’t appear rascally and irresponsible (Genesis 26:1-14).

Dear friend, don’t joke with your faith walk in your journey of marital destiny. A lot of families are under serious economic stress today. The way out is faith; trusting God, standing on His promises, receiving specific instructions and living a planned life as you trust God for miracles (Job 22:21-29). This is how to marry by faith. This is how to live by faith. Nothing shall be impossible for you (Mark 9:23, 10:27). You will succeed!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria