“Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins…And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. BUT THE WISE TOOK OIL IN THEIR VESSELS WITH THEIR LAMPS” (Matthew 25:1-2, 4).

Wisdom is not only seen in the display of knowledge but in the accuracy of decision. Simply put, YOU ARE NOT A WISE PERSON BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU KNOW BUT BY THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE. We must make wise decisions. One of the wise decisions we need to make is the decision to “Carry Extra Oil”; the decision to GO THE EXTRA MILE.

FRIEND, GOD WANTS YOU TO ADD THE COMPONENT OF WISDOM TO YOUR WALK WITH HIM. Like our opening text read, you can be a wise Christian, or a foolish Christian; Holiness and Wisdom are not necessarily or automatically the same. The ten (10) virgins were all VIRGINS but they were not all wise; half were wise and half were foolish.

We can infer from the above scripture, that only about fifty (50) percent (if not less) of Christians are wise. Majority are foolish or in between. Listen, being called foolish is not meant to be an abuse but only a description of the state of your heart and mind at a particular time. THE QUALITY OF YOUR DECISIONS IS WHAT REVEALS THE DEPTH OF YOUR WISDOM.

You need to carry extra oil on the journey of life and destiny. By this, you show that you are wise. WHY EXTRA OIL? LIFE WILL ALWAYS DEMAND EXTRA FROM YOU. Life will not always go as you thought or planned. Life will always throw at you stuff that are beyond the usual capacity. The devil will not give up on you easily. The vision may tarry or appear delayed. The coming of Christ may seem delayed. Iniquities and wickedness will abound in the world.

WHY EXTRA OIL? You are not supposed to live life just to get by; YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LIVE MAXIMALLY. You need extra oil to manifest your ultimate destiny. YOU NEED EXTRA OIL TO HAVE EXTRA PORTION IN LIFE. You need extra oil to be ahead in life. You need extra oil to go through challenging stuff and come out on top. You need extra oil to give life the fight that it demands.

WHY EXTRA OIL? You need extra oil to succeed in marriage. You need extra oil to see your business succeed. You need extra oil to pursue the call of God upon your life and make something meaningful out of it. You need extra oil to overcome temptations. YOU NEED EXTRA OIL TO HAVE AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE; THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ORDINARY AN EXTRAORDINARY IS THE WORD “EXTRA”. You need extra oil to live a life of excellence; a life above mediocrity.