“Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins…And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. BUT THE WISE TOOK OIL IN THEIR VESSELS WITH THEIR LAMPS” (Matthew 25:1-2, 4).

GO THE EXTRA MILE. PUT SOME QUALITY THOUGHTS INTO WHAT YOU DO. DON’T BE HAPHAZARD OR VAGUE. Don’t be unplanned. Don’t be undecided. STOP BLAMING THE DEVIL FOR WHAT IS OBVIOUSLY YOUR NEGLIGENCE. Stop blaming the government or economy of your country when you have not even done your part. DON’T USE #COVID-19 TO COVER UP FOR YOUR LAZINESS. #COVID-19 CANNOT STOP THOSE WITH EXTRA OIL. Pray, Plan, Prepare, Perform, Produce!

LIFE IS NOT ABOUT EMOTION BUT ABOUT DECISIONS. People often switch to emotion when they have failed in their decision making. YOU CANNOT BRIBE GOD OR LIFE WITH YOUR TEARS. The other five (5) foolish virgins wept; you would think they are being unjustly treated until you check their life of decision. Esau made the wrong decision; he sold his birthright out of foolishness and he taught he could get it by crying (Genesis 25:31-34, 27:38).

IMMATURE PEOPLE OFTEN TRY TO USE EMOTIONS TO BUY THEIR WAY INTO SUCCESS AND PROMINENCE, THE WISE AND MATURE MAKE QUALITY DECISIONS THAT GUARANTEE A SUCCESSFUL LIFE. Why are you suddenly crying and calling people around you unfair because they are not helping you? Have you thought of the decision you earlier made and where it has landed you? MUCH MORE, ARE YOU THINKING OF THE DECISION YOU ARE OR SHOULD BE MAKING NOW AND WHERE IT WOULD LAND YOU?

Are you making a decision or just whipping up emotions? EMOTIONALISM IS A GREAT KILLER OF DESTINY. You either live by decisions or you allow your emotions to rule you and ruin your destiny. This is what having “extra oil” mentality will do for you. I wish people carried extra oil into year 2020, may be they would not be this affected by #Covid-19. Like someone has rightly said, IF IT’S NOT COVID-19, IT PROBABLY WOULD HAVE BEEN SOMETHING ELSE. The problem is not the #Covid-19 pandemic, the issue is the extra oil we fail to carry.

ARE YOU CARRYING EXTRA OIL INTO THE REMAINING DAYS OF YEAR 2020? I know there are uncertainties all around the world but this is why extra oil is needed. EXTRA OIL HELPS YOU TO PREPARE FOR EMERGENCIES OR UNCERTAINTY. Extra oil helps you to prepare for the unexpected. Extra oil helps you to have reservoir of grace and strength to keep on keeping on when things are falling apart. IT HELPS US TO MAKE PROGRESS AGAINST ALL ODDS.