“Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins…And five of them were wise, and five were foolish. BUT THE WISE TOOK OIL IN THEIR VESSELS WITH THEIR LAMPS” (Matthew 25:1-2, 4).

YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED TO GIVE LIFE THE “EXTRA” THAT IT OFTEN DEMANDS. Preparation is the key to developing capacity for the “extra”. IF YOU ARE TRYING TO BE READY WHEN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE READY, YOU ARE ALREADY LATE. Don’t only do what is required or expected, DO MORE. Yes, don’t only do the minimum requirement of prayers; only praying to feel like a Christian or to fulfil all righteousness. TAKE YOUR PRAYER LIFE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Give extra. Pray longer hours. Fast more.

DO MORE THAN EVERYONE DOES IN YOUR CIRCLE OF RELATIONSHIPS. As a student, study more than the lecture notes you are given in class, get to the library, surf the internet, gather materials, do more! “Extra mile” students are not often disappointed in the examination hall, they prepare for the unexpected. They don’t blame the lecturer for going beyond or outside his lecture notes, they study wide.

AS A PASTOR, DO MORE THAN JUST PREACHING ON SUNDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS IN YOUR CHURCH. GO THE EXTRA MILE. Develop other sides of your ministry and deploy other graces on your life and calling. YOU ARE MORE THAN A TRADITIONAL PASTOR; YOU HAVE A CALLING, YOU ARE A PERSON OF EXCELLENCE, GO THE EXTRA MILE. Plan programs, write books, organize trainings, look for platforms and avenues to get your ministry out to those God has sent you to. GIVE DILIGENCE TO MAKE YOUR CALLING AND ELECTION SURE (2 Peter 1:10).

As a Church member, don’t just be satisfied with merely attending Church; participate. Be involved in what is happening in your local Church. FIND A PLACE TO SERVE. BE INTERESTED IN THE VISION OF THE CHURCH. Contribute your own quota. Go the extra mile. Give more. Pray more. Serve more. TAKE UPON YOU RESPONSIBILITIES THAT OTHERS ARE RUNNING AWAY FROM. Come early to Church and stay a little longer when others have left; serve your pastor, be of help. Be fully involved. GO THE EXTRA MILE.

AS A BUSINESS MAN, DO MORE THAN JUST BEING IN BUSINESS, REALLY DO BUSINESS. Don’t do business as a hubby or pastime, face it as a calling. Take that business as a calling the way a pastor handles his calling in ministry. Don’t do business only to keep body and soul together, or to make ends meet. DO BUSINESS TO MAKE A LIFE, NOT JUST A LIVING. Do business to impact lives, fulfil purpose and make money.