Some people have associated more accidents and evils to the end of the year, particularly the month of December. But I beg to defer. The devil does not become more devilish in December. It is just that people become more careless and lose a sense of spiritual sensitivity at this time of the year. Hence, they become casualties.

Friend, as this year gradually wraps up, it’s time to retreat! You have done a lot of hustles for the past eleven months (and thank God for your results). It’s time to care for your soul! It’s time to retreat so you can treat your soul. Now is time to get revived, renewed and refreshed.

It’s time to cover lost grounds. It’s time to capture the mind of God for the coming year. It’s time to catch a vision from God rather than crafting one from your head (Habakkuk 2:1-4). It’s time to get the right perspective about life and the challenges you might be facing now (Psalms 73:17). It’s time to let God equip you for a victorious new year.

As you plan for retreats this season, let it not be a one-off thing. Don’t fast because it’s the norm for a year end. Schedule regular fasts, prayers and retreats into your schedules; daily, weekly, monthly etc. Take some minutes/hours off daily/weekly, take some days off monthly and so on. Going to some mountains is good but don’t wait to go to a ‘special mountain’ before you retreat.

Anywhere can be your mountain of encounters with God; your room, office, Church etc. so far you can connect God there (John 4:20-24). Destiny happens everyday and every time, and so must be your choice to retreat. There is still a lot ahead of you. Your “Elijah” must not retire before your time (1 Kings 19:4). Retreat before you need to retreat. You will succeed! Amen!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria