Someone came visiting our Church one day. He had been blessed by my ministry while on campus. He made a profound statement that resonated with me; “Pastor ‘Demola has not changed. There is still that freshness we used to know on campus.” As I meditated on that statement, I made a decision never to be an ex-anointed. Friend, the anointing is the capital for life and destiny. It is the most expensive commodity on earth. Its value cannot be quantified. When you are anointed, you are made! What the devil fights and fears in your life is the anointing. If the devil can get you unanointed, he would get you cheaply (2 Samuel 1:21, 25). The secret of lifting in life and destiny is fresh oil (Psalms 92:10). It is the antidote to satanic attacks (Psalms 89:20-23). It is the secret to continued impact in life and ministry. Whereas, God’s job is to anoint you, your job is to stay anointed (Psalms 23:5b, Ecclesiastes 9:8). Knowing how to stay anointed is more important than just desiring to be anointed. The anointing is the presence and power of the Holy Spirit operating in a man’s life. Whereas, every Christian is anointed, not everyone is functioning in the fullness of the anointing (1 John 2:20, 27). We can only function in the fullness of the anointing when we stay in fellowship with God through the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 13:14). Any activity or relationship that helps your walk with the Holy Spirit must be given priority while the ones that cut you off from fellowship must be avoided by all means (Acts 4:23, 33). Beware of satanic relationships and activities that remove the substance of the anointing on your life. This was what Delilah was to Samson (Judges 16:20). Don’t be an ex-anointed. Like Job, remember those days when the anointing was still fresh on your life (Job 29:1-6). What about now? Where did you miss it? Were you swamped in too much of busyness or did you get into relationships that drained you? Were you caught in the web of offences? When you become an ex-anointed, you become ordinary and cheap. ‘Demola Awoyele Lead Pastor, Destiny Impact Church Akure, Nigeria