I was invited to speak somewhere. The person introducing me began to shower some accolades on me; “he is a very anointed man of God, he has traveled out of the country, preaching round the world…”

Where I sat down, I was wondering and looking around, “who is he introducing?” Well, when I later found out it was me, I got up and sincerely corrected him; “I’ve not travelled round the world sir. Anyway, I consider this as a prophecy and I receive it.”

At another time, someone was to introduce me and said, “he’s a very sound man of God. Even while on campus, he made a First Class.” I went up and corrected that, “the Lord helped us while on campus but I didn’t make a First Class. I graduated with a Second Class Upper degree.” In those meetings, God manifested greatly and His name was glorified.

Friend, how you handle what people wrongly say about you is a reflection of your heart. Why are you posturing as what or who you are not? It is better to be treated with dishonor and be a man of honour than to be treated with honour and be a man of dishonour (Proverbs 12:9, 25:6-7).

My spiritual father always taught us to live two steps below our current level. People must not see or perceive you higher than what you truly are; when it happens, be humble to correct that false impression. You must not also think of yourself “more highly” than you ought to think. You should think highly, but not MORE highly (Romans 12:3).

I know we are in an age of image management; branding and stuff like that. But you must ensure that you are not branding emptiness. Don’t package what is not there. Stop living by the cliché; fake it until you make it. No; you must not fake it if you hope to make it. Be real. Know who and where you are before God and let Him lift you up with time (1 Peter 5:6). Amen!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria