Sometime ago, my daughter suddenly developed an interest in eating Suya (spicy skewered meat). She kept talking about it. But we were busy with programs in church, so I couldn’t get it. The next day, while returning from the office, after a busy day, I heard a gentle reminder of the Holy Spirit; “Go and get your daughter some Suya.” I had to drive some distance to do this. That night became a Suya Night for the family. But I learnt a bigger lesson.

Friend, God is concerned about the minutest detail of your life (Luke 12:7). Whatever concerns you concerns God. Whatever makes you happy gets His attention even if it looks unspiritual. Who would have thought that the same God who speaks to me about ministry matters would also remind me to get suya for my daughter and family? God is that detailed.

God wants us to live a balanced life. I believe that you can and should be holy and prosperous at the same time (Psalms 35:27). I believe that while your passion for lost souls would make you go to interior villages in obedience to God, your desire to enjoy life with the family can also make you want to go to Dubai. They are not mutually exclusive.

We are not only supposed to make heaven. We are also supposed to make earth (Matthew 5:5). Some would say that “While souls are perishing, you are eating Shawarma?” What has eating Shawarma got to do with souls perishing? Denying yourself of life’s best may add nothing to the furtherance of God’s kingdom if you don’t participate in it intelligently.

Don’t feel guilty enjoying God’s best. God loves to see you happy (Psalms 35:27, 1 Timothy 6:17). Maturity is seen in knowing how to manage the best that life offers with your commitment to God and the kingdom. Seek first the Kingdom is not the same as seek only the Kingdom. The emphasis here is priority, not exclusivity (Matthew 6:33).

You don’t want to get to heaven and realize that you shortchanged yourself when you were on earth. While the rich man in Luke 16 is a message of caution for us, Lazarus is not our model either (Luke 16:19-22). God wants to take care of you. It gives Him pleasure doing so (Psalms 16:11). He is not only concerned about the big and spiritual stuff. He is concerned about all that concerns you (Matthew 6:32). Don’t feel guilty enjoying God’s best.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact
Akure, Nigeria