While planning to leave Lagos for Akure that year, I got talking with an older minister who was dear to us. I could feel the “love” in his voice; “Demola, you don’t have to go to Akure, Lagos is where your kind of ministry is needed.” But towards the end of the conversation, he said something striking; “Even though I love you enough to let you go, deep down within me, I have a witness that you should go.” That settled it.

Friend, when it comes to matters of destiny, you must learn to decipher true love as opposed to emotions (Philippians 1:9-12). Those who love you the most may be your greatest enemy in the journey of destiny. Don’t follow emotions; follow divine revelation. A lot of people have missed their destiny by following good-hearted people who are ruled by emotions instead of divine revelation (Matthew 16:21-23).

Peter once rebuked Jesus for choosing to die for humanity (Matthew 16:22). He was talking out of his love for Jesus. He had a good heart, but this love was actually hatred, as seen by the response of Jesus – get behind me, Satan (Matthew 16:23)! Whoever comes in the way of your obedience to God and progress in destiny is actually your enemy even if you or they don’t know it.

Jonathan missed his destiny of greatness with David due to his emotional attachment to his father (2 Samuel 1:23). Saul genuinely wanted the best for Jonathan. As his son, he wanted him to succeed him (1 Samuel 20:31). But this was not God’s choice. Jonathan knew by revelation that he was supposed to be the next to David, but he allowed the emotions of his father to truncate his divine destiny (1 Samuel 23:17).

You cannot afford to let people who do not know you in destiny to whip up emotions that would truncate the same. Those closest to you and who love you genuinely; siblings, best friends, colleagues, etc., can stop you from pressing into your destiny. Humbly and sincerely appreciate their love and concern, but don’t let them stop you. What would have happened if Mary had stopped Jesus from dying on the cross (Luke 23:27-28)?

If God did not spare Jesus, He would not spare you too (Romans 8:32). God loves you enough to leave you waste away in destiny. You also need to pray that those who are in close relationships with you would not spare you. Tell your pastor not to spare you (2 Timothy 2:3). Let your spouse release you. Let them allow you to go through the training and demands that would produce your destiny.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria