We checked into an apartment recently as a family. The first thing my daughter noticed was a table and chair for study. She commented; “Oh, this is good for my Daddy. I know he would sit here for study as usual.” When I came into the room, my comment was same as hers. She understood the power of daily routine.

Friend, there is power in daily routine. It has been said that the secret of your success is hidden in your daily routine. Success is never accidental, neither is failure. If success or failure catches you unawares, then you are either insincere or simply ignorant. Success is a byproduct of your daily routines.

Great people are people of customs or routines. They have stuff that they do daily. Jesus had custom. Daniel had custom (Daniel 6:10 Luke 4:16). Anybody can do what is right occasionally but great people what is right consistently. They study consistently, they pray consistently, they give consistently; they live consistently.

You must not be bored with routines (Luke 10:39). There are things you have got to do again and again without getting bored. Church is routine. Business is routine. Academics is routine and so are most of what you do daily. While it is important we are dynamic about our approach to things, we would still have to do them, nonetheless.

Routines are powerful. They are the secrets of strength and mastery. You become strong and excellent at what you do consistently. What have you mastered? What are you strong at? What do people know you for (2 Kings 9:20)?

It takes discipline to maintain routines of success (Philippians 3:13-13). Discipline is living as demanded, not as convenient. A lot of stuff would not be convenient but you have to do them all the same. Discipline is the bridge between duty and delight; we begin most tasks as a duty, then we bring discipline to it before it becomes a delight. Unlock the power of daily routine today!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria