One question I am often asked is how to deal with issues of leadership in the local Church. My advice has always been to tread with caution and avoid any form of rebellion. The same applies to every other sphere of endeavour where leadership and authority are in place. Don’t be a rebel.

Friend, there is no room and justifiable reason for rebellion in the Kingdom. Heaven has zero tolerance for acts of rebellion. Don’t forget that the first sin in heaven was that of rebellion and it was never overlooked but was duly punished (Isaiah 14:12-14). It is a satanic act. This is why nothing looks more satanic than acts of rebellion (John 8:44).

Rebellion is simply acting against constituted authority. This means that anywhere you find yourself, seek to understand the authority structure that exists therein and relate properly with it. Rebellion is not about who is right or wrong but about what is right. And what is right, most times, is submitting to the leadership structures that God has put in place (Numbers 12:1-15, Romans 13:1).

One of the reasons you must stay clear of rebellion is that it is not just about rebelling against a man but about rebelling against the God who put such leadership in place (Romans 13:1-5). Rather than living in rebellion, it is better you take issues to God or leave that leadership structure honourably and rightly. It is better to be unblessed than to be cursed (Numbers 12:9-10).

While slavishness says, “you are better than me and I am a nobody”, rebellion says, “I am better than you, so I don’t know why I should submit to you”. But submission says, “you are not better than me, I am not better than you. We are simply different people with different roles and responsibilities”. This understanding is critical if you would relate healthily with people.

The husband is not better than the wife but different from the wife and has been placed as the head in the home. The same thing goes for Pastors and Church members, and other forms of leadership. Apart from opening yourself up to witchcraft spirit, rebellion causes people to dwell in a dry land (1 Samuel 15:23, Psalms 68:6). Don’t be a rebel!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria