One of the lessons I learnt from my mum is how to do much with little. In those days as a trader, she would go to the market with very little money. But by the time she was done at night, she would have raked in lots of money. Sometimes, she went with no money and found a way to push the business. She was a good example of how to do much with little.

Friend, I want to encourage you this morning; don’t limit God. What you have is enough when God is involved (1 Samuel 14:6). You may call it a little gift or skill. You may call it a meagre salary. You may call it a small congregation. You may call it a little jar of oil. You may call it a common diploma certificate. When you release it to God in trust and confidence, He will work wonders with.

Let me charge those who seem to have everything intact and ‘enough’, God says to tell you, “Don’t trust in the beauty of your ability, preparations or plans (Psalms 20:7-8).” Let God have His way! Thrust everything to Him, and He will do beyond your wildest imagination (Ephesians 3:20).

Your rest and confidence must be in God. Don’t be overly concerned or agitated as to what and how the outcome of your life will be. There is the invisible God that is working behind the scene of your life.

Most times, when we are at work (worried, prideful, agitated, without acknowledging God, etc.), God goes to rest as it were. But when we are at rest (in His love, willingness, readiness, and ability to help us), He goes to work on our behalf, and the miraculous becomes the order of the day.

As you step out today, I encourage you to truly make it a day of rest for you. Make it a day and season of letting go and letting God. Magnify the Lord again in your heart, life, and endeavours (Isaiah 8:11-18). Give God His place in your life. Don’t underrate His ability. Don’t doubt His power. Don’t limit Him in any way in your life. He will yet do exceeding abundantly and above all you can ever ask or think!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria