I was with a dear father in the faith years ago receiving some counsels as I get set to launch out in full-time ministry. He shared briefly on the mistakes that some full-time ministers make. According to him, the idea that someone who’s in full-time ministry is not working is a grave mistake. That day, I knew the difference between your job and your work.

Friend, you must know the difference between your job and your work if you would fulfil destiny. Hardly will you find Jesus talk about job in scriptures, but he would often talk about work (John 4:34, 5:17, 9:4, 17:4). Was Jesus on a 9-5? Was he on employment in a company? Why would Jesus always talk about work?

Your job is different from your work. Your job is what you are paid to do. Your work is what you are created to do (John 9:4). At best, your job should provide a platform and funding for your work. Until you discover your work, your job will not have meaning. Your job is a means to an end. It is not an end in itself.

Your job is the title you bear. Your work is the value you give.
We have so many workers who are not working today (2 Thessalonians 3:10-12). They are not contributing anything tangible to their spheres. They are only marking time and expecting a salary. If you are on paid employment, you need to justify the salary you are receiving, whether big or small (Genesis 30:29-30).

Your job is what you are employed to do. Your work is what you spend your time doing. You can be employed as an office clerk but spend your time gossiping. Whatever takes your time and productive energy has become your work. Highly effective people have learnt to direct their time and energy correctly (2 Timothy 2:23-24). They don’t have time for everything. They maintain focus.

When you get before the Lord, you will not be asked about your job. You will be asked about your work (John 17:4). Don’t let your job be the reason you would not do your work. Rather, let it enhance your work. Let it make your work fulfilling. Let it be the fuel that drives your work. Let your job provide the right atmosphere to do your work. Anything short of this is a distraction.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria