Perhaps, the person that would have become the richest human being that ever lived was the widow of the Prophet in 2 Kings 4. The man of God told her to get vessels and pour the oil. As much as she poured, the oil continued to flow. But when she stopped pouring, the supply of oil stopped. Truly, demands are what trigger supplies.

Friend, when God makes demands on you, it is to trigger a supply that you may never have known if not for the demand (Luke 5:3-4). This is why you must live life responding to God’s demands rather than reacting against it. It is a sin against destiny when you complain when divine demands are made. You are either making progress or make excuses.

Be careful when no demand is made on your life; you may be expiring without knowing (Hosea 4:17). Most of the capacities that you have would not be realized until you respond to divine demands. You must be a go-to person as far as divine assignment is concerned (Acts 9:10-12). When God sees that you would always respond and not react, He would come to you.

Divine demands are meant to stretch us and not stress us. When you are stretched, you fill up the capacity that already exists within you, but when you are stressed you are pushed beyond your limit or capacity. God does not stress us, the devil does. He only stretches us so that we can become better. We become better by allowing God access in our lives.

You need to make a demand on the power of God this season (Mark 5:15-30). Although God is limitless in power, He can be limited in our lives when we don’t make a demand on what He carries. In prayer, we make a demand on God’s power (Philippians 1:19). In giving, we make a demand on the supply of His provisions (2 Corinthians 9:8-10).

When God asks for what He gives you it means He has more to give you (Genesis 22:1-3). This is a stewardship test. Don’t claim that all you are and have are God’s when you find it difficult to release it when demands are made for it. The God who made the Heaven and Earth cannot be so stranded that He would need what you have (Psalms 50:10-12). Rather than seeing God as the One who takes or demands, see Him as One who continues to give until our lives are abundantly supplied.

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria