“Pastor Demola, how have you been? What’s happening? I’ve been burdened for you lately. Is there anything the Lord is telling you?” Those were the words of my covenant friend that year. Well, I told him the Lord was giving me a direction for full time ministry in another city. He confirmed it immediately. Deep had called unto deep.

Friend, you need relationships in your life that would stir you up in purpose and destiny (Luke 1:41). The scriptures encourage us to follow the faith of our pastors, and not just their fashion; it is their faith that produces their fashion and not vice versa (Hebrews 13:7). Instead of asking your pastor to show you his tailor so you can dress like him, ask him to show you his library and his closet with God.

Be involved with what is happening in your local assembly (Acts 13:1-2). It is one way to develop your own faith for your own destiny. Don’t be a Church member that leaves Church or does ‘on and off’ when building project is going on in Church. You need that same faith to handle your own building project or at least the building of your own destiny (2 Corinthians 4:13).

Everyone needs a tag team, people whom God tags you with to collaborate with you for the fulfilment of your destiny. You would see this idea scattered all over the pages of the Bible. Jesus had the twelve; He also sent out the twelve in twos (Matthew 10:1-5). Daniel had the three Hebrew guys (Daniel 2:49). Caleb had a Joshua (Numbers 14:6). David had a Jonathan (1 Samuel 18:1).

The disciples in the book of Acts went to their own company (Acts 4:23). Each of the five-fold ministry gifts needs the other four to be complete and effective. We are not called to compete with others but to complete and complement. Every man of vision needs people like that because God has placed in them the things you need to fan your vision to flame and to supply what you lack but you need.

You need discernment to locate your tag team. You also need humility to connect vitally with them. Even demons don’t operate alone so I wonder why God’s children think they can win in life by operating alone (Ecclesiastes 4:10, Mark 5:9). As you pursue God’s vision for your life, you need to prayerfully trust God to locate you in your tag team so that you can be effective in the discharge of your destiny assignment.

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria