We usually schedule our children’s food and snacks. But the younger one would often come and ask; “Daddy, I’m hungry. Is it time to eat?” She would keep coming back after every five minutes even if the next meal or snack is still two hours away. If I say no, she would start to whine; “Oh, when will it be now…?” I would lovingly advise her; “If you keep checking the time, it would appear slow. But if you get busy with work and play, you won’t know when the time will come.” This advice is important for everyone.

Friend, stop asking your Daddy God; “Is it time?” Get busy with life and purpose. For singles, who to marry would not come by searching and sweating over it, it would come when you get busy with your life and purpose. God has planned that you would find your partner inside your purpose, not by getting overly anxious (Matthew 6:33, Philippians 4:6-7).

You need to get a life before asking for a life partner. God gave Adam a work before giving him a wife (Genesis 2:15-18). Don’t be overly concerned about who to marry that you forget to truly live. Why must you be thinking daily about when the brother will come instead of getting ready for his arrival? The kind of woman he will meet is more important than his arrival (Genesis 24:51-60).

When a prepared man meets an unprepared lady or vice versa, what you have is not marriage; it is a disaster. Adam was not asking God; “Daddy, is it time?” He just got busy with life and purpose, and God brought the woman at the right time (Genesis 2:18-25). Waiting time is purpose time. Throw yourself into service. Marriage is for ministry, not for media hype.

Desperation is not a fruit of the spirit. It is a strategy of the enemy to cause you to make costly mistakes (2 Corinthians 2:11). Some unsent brothers can also sense when a lady is desperate. I always say that you should marry when you have overcome the pressure to marry (Isaiah 28:16). Don’t let your emotion give you direction. Your emotions should queue behind divine purpose and direction.

Your times are in God’s hands (Psalms 31:15). Worry does not solve any problem. It only denies you the opportunity to enjoy God’s rest and best (Hebrews 4:3). Like Adam, you need to go to sleep as you expect God to bring your miracle job, life partner, provisions, etc. (Genesis 2:21-22). God only gives His beloved while they sleep (Psalms 127:1-2).

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria