He just finished his university education while figuring out what next to do. He got into a Church meeting where volunteers were being called to distribute prayer bulletins across locations. He decided to make himself available. Unknown to him, that seeming physical assignment was going to be his connection to his ministerial calling. He had connected with the prophetic via the practical.

Friend, you must always remember that God often connects us with the prophetic through the channel of the practical. Until you know how to relate well with the practical side of life, you may be far from realizing your prophetic destiny. As a man of destiny, you must understand that sometimes, behind the sending of man is the sending of God.

Saul would have missed his destiny of kingship had he not responded to the errands the father was sending him (1 Samuel 9:3-16). You need to see the prophetic side of every practical engagement. For Joseph, he knew that his brothers’ selling him to Egypt (through the errand he ran for his father) was simply God sending him ahead of the Israelites to preserve lives (Genesis 45:5-8).

Amaziah also testified that he was simply a gatherer of Sycamore fruit before God called him into the prophetic side of his destiny (Amos 7:14-15). Don’t joke with the practical stuff in life. You must not joke with menial jobs. You must not joke with some errands no matter how belittling they might be.

You must embrace life practically if you would ever connect with your prophetic destiny. You need to ask God to make you humble. Ask Him to change your orientation and perspective to life. Believe Him for a connection with a Father; Pastor, Boss, Parent etc. through whom He would connect you with the waters of your destiny (Psalms 78:70-72, Philippians 2:22).

Ask God to help you to take seriously the seemingly little things in life that have a strong connection with your destiny. And when you have such opportunity, don’t joke with it. Stop looking for a prophetic destiny while overlooking practical details. Get to work. Get involved. Don’t stand aloof. Don’t play truant. Be mobilized for destiny and it shall be well with you!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria