My younger daughter decided to take a walk with me the other day. So we began the journey, not too far from home. As we walked a few distance, she began to react. I noticed she was no longer comfortable so I asked her; “What’s the problem?” She responded; “My leg is paining me.” The going got tougher than she had expected.

Friend, life would demand more than you expect; the going would get tough. Most people start life on a note of excitement forgetting that it takes more than excitement to get them to their desired destination in life. They need commitment; and most importantly, like my daughter, they need to open up for help.

The year has been eventful for us all. A lot of water has passed under the bridge; the going got tough for people. While some gave up, others are patching up, while a lot are just struggling and pushing through. But God wants us to know what to do when the going gets tough; His plan is that we get to our destination, no matter what.

God has not promised you it would be easy; He has only promised you it would be possible. With God all things are possible, not easy (Matthew 19:26). A lot of stuff that are possible for you will demand more than you initially bargain. But it would be possible. You need to focus on where you are going to, not what you are going through.

God has not started you out on that journey to abandon you on the road. The instruction is to get to the other side, not to get drowned in the sea of life (Mark 4:35). The storms do not matter, you would get to the other side as you believe God’s words above the winds (Mark 4:35-39).

What you focus on magnifies. When you focus on problems and challenges, they get bigger. But when you focus on God and the destination, you would get there. Remember what God told you when you started out. Remember Who is with you. God is with you even though you go through the valley of the shadow of death (Psalms 23:4). Stay strong!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure. Nigeria