As he stepped on the podium to give his testimony that Sunday, I could see the joy beaming all over his face. In his exact words; “Everybody has been sharing testimonies of miracle ‘alarm’. I have wondered if it’s real. Now, I’ve experienced it first hand, God is here!”

FRIEND, FINANCIAL MIRACLES ARE REAL. The truth is, we all need financial miracles, especially in seasons like this, where the world is suffering economic and political challenges. The Bible is littered with stories (chronicles) of financial miracles for our encouragement and wisdom.

From the provision of manna in the wilderness, to the widow of Zarephath, to the story of the four lepers, to the miracle of multiplication of loaves of bread and fish; WE CANNOT BUT APPRECIATE AND BELIEVE THE PLACE OF FINANCIAL MIRACLES IN THE FULFILMENT OF OUR DESTINY. You may keep doubting the reality of financial miracles until you experience one (2 Kings 7:1-20).

FINANCIAL MIRACLES ARE GOD’S WAYS OF FILLING GAPS IN OUR LIVES AND PURSUITS. No matter how smart and planned you think you are, there will always be a point in your life where God has to show up for you financially. THERE ARE SOME GAPS THAT CANNOT BE FILLED VIA MORE WORK, BUSINESS, LABOUR ETC., GOD JUST HAS TO SHOW UP!

There are some things you cannot get even if you work all your entire life (John 6:7). This is why you need to give room to the God of miracles to show Himself in your finance. WORK IS GOOD BUT GRACE IS BETTER. MERIT IS GOOD BUT MERCY IS BETTER. LABOUR IS GOOD BUT FAVOUR IS BETTER. One day of favour is better than a lifetime of labour. Don’t live life thinking you can get it done all alone (Psalms 5:12, 30:7).

Life has not been designed to work outside of God’s favour and miracles (Psalms 30:5). The earlier you realize this the better. MIRACLES ARE NOT JUST FOR THE STRANDED. MERCY IS NOT ONLY FOR THE WEAK. WE ALL NEED MERCY AND MIRACLES. We all need that divine factor that will make our human effort to make sense (Psalms 127:1-2). FINANCIAL MIRACLE IS REAL; PRAY FOR IT, EXPECT IT, EXPERIENCE IT AND ENJOY IT. AMEN!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria