“God has changed my level! “That was his exclamation as he shared testimonies of financial miracles. He had just got a contract that brought him some huge funds. I told him; “This must not be a one-off thing. God wants to repeat it in your life. Your job now is how to make it a repeated blessing.”

Friend, any time God offers you a taste of His blessings, it is to bring you into a state of it (Psalms 34:8). God will not lift you up to let you down. God will not bless you with abundance only to make you suffer lack afterwards. The problem most times is that people get carried away with miracles but neglect the principles behind the miracles (Matthew 16:5-12).

For every blessing there is a lesson. Enjoy the blessing but don’t forget the lesson. This was God’s charge to the Israelites (Deuteronomy 8:7-18). God sometimes has problem with people when they are blessed. For some, the only time that God gets the best of their attention is when they are still struggling. This should not be.

Your next level of financial blessings and miracles is tied to how you managed the first one. If you are not grateful for the little you cannot partake of the much. Why complain about the taste of God’s blessings when He still wants to bring you into a state of the same (Psalms 34:8, 103:2)?

Prudence will make you a candidate of God’s next blessings (Proverbs 21:20). God does not bless waste. after the miracle of loaves of bread and fishes, Jesus still instructed them to gather the fragments (John 6:11-13). This shows the attitude we must have towards God’s blessings.

Joseph brought the whole nation of Egypt into perpetual abundance by the operation of divine wisdom (Genesis 41:56-57). Whereas, power manifestation can bring the miraculous, we need wisdom operation to keep and perpetuate it (Genesis 41:33-41). Christ is both the power of God and the wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1:24). Amen.

© Demola Awoyele

Lead Pastor,

Destiny Impact Church

Akure, Nigeria