A lady chatted me up for counselling the other day. In her words; “Sir, I have always desired this position in my office. But to my surprise, when I was asked to stand in temporarily for the colleague who normally occupies the position, I found out that I cannot function effectively there. What should I do? Should I tell the Boss I’m backing off, or should I just continue to coast along?”

Friend, you need to constantly ask and remind yourself this, “Can I handle what I am praying for?” One blessing we have as humans is that we don’t decide which of our prayers is answered; God decides such. His decisions are based on something far more than what we are thinking. While we are obsessed with having stuff, God is more concerned with our being able to handle stuff (Philippians 2:13).

If God answers all your prayers when you want Him to answer them, you may not be alive today or be as healthy as you are. God does not give you something just because you prayed for it. He gives you when He knows you are ready for it. God loves you enough to preserve you beyond just prospering you. He wants you to be safely blessed.

You are either acquiring capacity or getting incapacitated (2 Samuel 3:1). Capacity building should be your preoccupation at every juncture of your life. While you are concerned about what you have or where you are, God is committed to what you are becoming.

God will always make you into something before He gives you something (Genesis 12:2, Matthew 4:19, Romans 4:17). He makes you someone who can handle a million naira before He gives you a million naira. He makes you a wife before He gives you a husband. He makes you a pastor before giving you a church. He makes you a father before giving you children.

When it seems like God is not growing your work (business, career, ministry, etc.), He is growing you. It is the process of growth that builds in you the capacity to handle what you are praying for. One way to fast-track the release of your answers in prayers is to get into the process of making.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria