When I decided to get into full time ministry, out of concern, one of the closest  relationships I have said these words; “Why did you go ahead with a postgraduate study when you know you were going into the ministry full time? I consider this a waste of time.” His sincere submission revealed the mindset of a lot people concerning matters of the calling.

Friend, education is never an enemy of the calling. It is rather an enhancement of the calling if properly done. By education, I am not necessarily referring to a postgraduate study or formal education as it were. I’m talking about getting informed, knowledgeable and sound enough to discharge your calling with excellence and beauty (Acts 26:24). Gone are the days when people think that the calling, especially into pulpit ministry, is only for those who have nothing to do with their lives.

Decades ago, people wonder why God seemed to be calling uneducated people so they look at God’s call with disdain. Now that God is calling engineers, medical doctors, bankers, lawyers and captains of industry into ministry, some people still criticize this move saying that people have turned the ministry into a professional ground. If oil companies, banks and the likes, always look for the best, why do you think that God deserves less (2 Samuel 24:24b)? 

Some people consider it a waste if a high profile lawyer or medical practitioner leave his profession for the ministry. This is like saying that God does not want or deserve the best. A careful consideration of the choice of Jesus’ disciples reveals that Jesus went for the best (Matthew 9:9, Mark 15:43, John 19:38). Apart from the popular fishermen we often talk about, we notice that Jesus included tax professional, medical doctor, lawyer, government official, business men and women etc. in His program and agenda. He is still doing same today. 

God deliberately chooses the paths you go through in life as an enhancement for His program for your life (Ephesians 1:11). The error now comes when you refuse to use them to drive His call on your life. This is why the education of Moses in Egypt, the medical career of Luke and the education of Paul under Gamaliel were all instrumental to the furtherance of God’s purpose for their lives. There were significant differences in the way these folks fulfilled their calling compared to some people in their days (2 Peter 3:15-16). 

Like Smith Wigglesworth rightly opined; “God will blow through a ram’s horn but if He sees a silver trumpet He would drop the ram’s horn and go with the silver trumpet.Your level of education plays a vital role in the discharge of your purpose and calling (2 Timothy 2:15).  You will always reduce divine revelation to the size of your mind. Your education and exposure can place a limit on how far God can use you.

‘Demola Awoyele

Lead Pastor,

Destiny Impact Church

Akure, Nigeria