We were listening to a gospel singer when I said to someone; “This singer has gone global. I remembered the season she was tempted to leave Church and travel. Her pastor counseled her to stay. She remained connected, and now her ministry has gone global without struggle.” There is power in maintaining the right connection.

Friend, there are people that will join you but there are people you must join intentionally (1 Samuel 10:5-7, Acts 8:29). While you pray for the right people to join you, you need to make efforts to join the right people. Don’t be sentimental about it. Know why you are in that relationship and be guided by it.

Don’t allow offences so the devil won’t cut you off from divine flow (Luke 7:19-23). Be destiny minded. Walk in revelation and understanding. Service the relationships. Don’t have a consumer mentality, have a contributor mentality. Service and protect the relationship. Your safety, victory and finishing depend on it.

Who have you left that you are not supposed to leave, and who have you refused to join that you are supposed to join (Genesis 13:5-11, Luke 15:11-13)? In what way is the devil subtly working to bring you into isolation? Why don’t you feel like going to Church anymore? Why do you now enjoy staying alone where all you do is to worry and get into depression?

What are the attitudes that you currently maintain around critical relationships? What are those relationships you must sustain no matter what? What are those relationships you must drop? Where have you fallen victim of isolation? What are you doing to retrace your step and get connected (Luke 15:17-18)?

Your life and results can be better than this. You can enjoy victories in your areas of defeats. This is God’s plan for you this season. You need to fight isolation before it finishes you. Make effort to connect with your God-ordained relationships. Get out of wrong relationships that are satanic traps in disguise (Psalms 1:1-3).