And Lot also, who went with Abram, had flocks, and herds, and tents” (Genesis 13:5).

Relationships and joining are critical to our safety, success and fulfilment in the journey of life and destiny. Lot should have understood that his destiny was connected to that of Abraham so he won’t be a victim of the peril of separation. As long as Lot was with Abraham, he prospered. The Grace of God, the Covenant operating in Abraham’s life rubbed off on him and he became a partaker of the same flow. Listen, you must know the people for whose sake the Lord is blessing you and never take it for granted; even an “unbeliever”, Laban, knew that the Lord was blessing him because of Jacob (Genesis 30:27). To separate from such destiny joining is to be a victim of losses and failure.

You must beware of disconnection. Not every separation is a disconnection but it takes a separation to be disconnected. You must know when to separate and when not to, and even when you separate, ensure you are not disconnected from the Covenant linkage. This is the undoing of many young people who separates from Churches and Miniseries today, claiming that God led them to. It’s okay to separate if and when you are so led but it can be very dangerous to disconnect. It is more of a spiritual thing than natural.

You must beware of the presumption of independent mindset. For Lot, he thought he could make it by himself, he never knew that Abraham was the reason why God was blessing him, he thought it was all because of his expertise or strength. His safety and that of his family was also dependent on this joining. It was not too long when Lot left his place of divine protection that he became a victim of satanic assault (Genesis 13:12-13, 18:24-26). Listen, this next half of the year, you must not fall victim of the seduction of success. You must not think that your success in ministry, business, career etc., is because of you, it may largely be dependent on who and what you are joined to.

What killed Uriah was not the forefront of the hottest battle, it was that valiant men withdrew from him (2 Samuel 11:15b). Who is withdrawing from you and who are you withdrawing from? When God joins you to a person, a people or a place by covenant, don’t allow anything to disconnect you. You should be like Ruth who even when Naomi asked her to leave, she insisted on staying because she knew her joining and her joint (Ruth 1:15-16). What about you? Do you know your joining and your joint? Or are you just going about life in ignorance and presumption?

Don’t be frivolous. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be deceived. Make up your mind to be a diehard follower like Elisha. Elisha knew what he was into and what he wanted that even the advice of Elijah to disembark couldn’t severe him from that critical relationship (2 Kings 2:6). He would not give up. He went all the way until he received double portion of Elijah’s spirit and that made all the difference in his life and destiny (2 Kings 2:9-15). Where is your own portion in life and destiny? Are you still there, covenantly joined and connected, or have you been prematurely separated? Take care of your joint and joining, your very life depends on it!

May your portion in life and destiny not elude you in Jesus name!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria