I learnt the basics of preaching and pulpit ministry from my pastor. He came into our church then, as pastor, when I was just discovering God’s call on my life, so he was my first practical, close model for the pulpit ministry. The church was also in a phase where it needed the strong, dogged, and exemplary leadership he graciously provided. Little did I know that all I went through under him would be the foundation for what I now do in the ministry.

Friend, when God brings you to a local church, He has brought you to your place of moulding and modelling. Your pastor can be your school for life and destiny if you can tap into the wisdom and grace being displayed before you free of charge. I wonder why people often look too far for training and development when they have a sound, God-given pastor before them (2 Timothy 2:1-2). Of course, I learned from various sources, but God was strategic enough to put a pastor before me because he wanted me to learn firsthand.

It does not matter what line of calling, career, or business you are pursuing. There is something in and on your pastor that can grant you an edge in that field. Listen, beyond just seeing your pastor or church as where you go to feel religious and fulfil all righteousness, you need to start seeing such as a place of moulding and modelling. Like Paul told the Philippians, what have you seen, heard, learned, and received from your pastor (Philippians 4:9)?

Rather than seeing your pastor as a needy person, start seeing him as a needed person (2 Kings 4:9-17). You need your pastor more than he needs you. For example, you should not have a problem with starting and growing a business if you have been privileged to be a part of a starting church. The truth is, all of the principles and practices involved in starting a church can be applied to starting a business if you are an open-hearted follower.

What goes on in church has been ordained to impact your practical life. Like I have always said, not everybody will need a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, etc., but everyone needs a pastor; everyone needs a church. You need to start seeing your local church and pastor as your school of destiny in disguise. You need to intentionally and intelligently participate (Acts 2:41-47). You need to belong so that you can become.

Don’t join a generation of loafers and wandering stars who would not identify with a local church. Don’t let the devil deceive you into thinking that you don’t need a pastor or church (Acts 13:1-2). Rise up today and take your share of kingdom responsibilities in the local church as you leverage them for success out there. You will succeed!

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria