The other day, one of my pastor friends drove in to see me in the church office. I noticed he came in a new car, very clean and admirable. When we were done talking, I told him; “Sir, this calls for celebration.” I decided to get him some fuel in his new car. I sent some thousands to him immediately. I decided to rejoice with my friend rather than harbour envy or strife.

Friend, envy, and strife are enemies of destiny. They are the breeding ground for satanic work (James 3:16). Unfortunately, a lot of people find themselves grappling with these destructive forces. If you don’t deal with envy and strife, you would end up truncating God’s plan for your life. You would end up destroying relationships ordained to bless you (Mark 6:1-3).

While envy is visible and loud, strife is silent and internal. Envy is a visible expression of unhappiness towards the rising of another. Strife is an internal struggle to accept the dealings of God with another person (Genesis 4:1-9). Living with strife is self-destructive. It’s only a matter of time. Like an explosive, it would destroy the carrier and anything connected to him.

Envy and strife are proofs of a lack of understanding of life. When you realize that God’s dealing with you has nothing to do with another, you begin to experience peace and joy, no matter where you and what is happening or not happening (John 21:21-22). Life is in phases, and men are in sizes. So, keep your perspective right.

Most times, the people you are envying are just in their season (John 3:26-30). It does not mean they are better than you. That the spotlight is not on you does not mean that your time of shining is not coming. Most people use their season of seeming obscurity to envy others rather than prepare for their own manifestation (Luke 1:80). Little wonder, they remain in obscurity.

To be free from envy and strife, genuinely celebrate God in the lives of others. Privately thank God on their behalf and sincerely pray for them. Go out of your way to publicly rejoice with them (Romans 12:15). Know that it is not about the people you are envying but about God in them (Galatians 1:23-24). Always remember that putting off other people’s candles does not make yours shine brighter.

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria