I was in a hurry for a meeting the other day. Where I was going and what to do there was utmost in my heart that I did not pay attention to my direction. I just noticed that I continued driving with no destination in sight. I knew I had lost direction. I had to make a U-turn.

Friend, sustaining momentum and direction are two key elements of staying on course in destiny. Backsliding is not only a momentum problem, it is also a direction problem. You can be on top speed in destiny but you are actually a backslider as far as God is concerned. Of what use is speed in the wrong direction (Acts 9:1-6)?

The discipline of maintaining direction must be learned as you hope to sustain momentum (1 Corinthians 9:24-27). If you sustain momentum without direction, you would veer off God’s path for you. And if you sustain direction without momentum you can be on the road forever. Momentum and direction are critical factors for preventing backsliding.

While you can get vision through an encounter with God, you get direction and details via a solid and consistent relationship with Him (Philippians 3:10-14). This is where a lot of people miss it today. They only get vision, without getting direction or details. While vision tells you where you are going, direction tells you how to get there (the road to take), and details show you what to expect and how to navigate the journey.

You need to be reminded that while seasons would change, purpose does not change. While the methods might evolve, the mandate and the message do not change. If you keep changing your mandate and message due to changing seasons you are already a backslider. You don’t modify divine instruction to suit your convenience. Rather, you adjust your life to suit divine instruction (1 Samuel 15:1-23).

If you don’t keep your relationship with God solid and strong, you would be a victim of backsliding (Judges 16:20). It is possible to be on fire but in error at the same time (Leviticus 10:1). It is possible to have passion but to have lost the essence of the vision (Acts 26:19). Strength of passion without accuracy of vision and direction is another recipe for disaster.

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria