I was worshipping with a dear friend in his Church one day. While he preached, he mentioned the word “AUGMENTATION”, as one of the dictionary meanings of EXPANSION. That word glued to my heart. It was the only thing I took out of the meeting. God said to me; “Augmentation is coming!” I received and walked with that word. And over and over again, in my life and our ministry, God has sent augmentation!

Friend, God says to tell you today; “Augmentation is coming!” What does it mean to augment? It is to make sufficient. It is to add to. Listen, when God augments your life, He makes you sufficient. He adds to what you are doing to give it better results. Augmentation answers to your courage and audacity to begin with what you have. There are some blessings and additions that won’t come to you until you make the move.

Who would have ever thought that God was sending augmentation to Nehemiah if he never made the move? What did he have to make any difference in carrying out the assignment of building the wall of Jerusalem if not that he had the heart and courage to take steps (Nehemiah 2:1-9)? Nehemiah enjoyed uncommon favour, a divine augmentation because he dared to do what he could do with what he had.

I don’t know who I’m talking to today, but God says to tell someone out there, “start with what you have, where you are, I will augment you! My help is on the road of your audacious steps”. Stop waiting for conditions to be perfect to start that business. Stop waiting until you have all the money and materials to start that ministry. Stop checking your bank account to fix your wedding date. Start! Augmentation is coming!

There are some dimensions of God’s blessings you will never see if you don’t make the move. I have made up my mind to obey God’s timely leadings no matter what I have or don’t have. I don’t have to wait to start big. I don’t have to wait for everything to be in place. Once I have a go ahead from God, I move! Because augmentation is coming!

God has positioned people along your road of obedience to add to you such as you require to fulfil your God-given destiny. All you need to do is to pour your life and your all into what you are doing at the moment. Let God see your dedication and passion to see your life and vision work even with the little you seem to have now. Give your best to it so that His much can come upon it. May this prophecy of Divine Augmentation be yours today and this season in Jesus name! Amen!

© ‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria