A ravaging disease broke out in a city some years ago; people were dying cheaply. All over town, it was common to hear statements like; “We don’t know who is next.” While in prayers, the Lord told His servant; “Tell my people, you may not know who is next, but you know who is not next. You are not next.” That statement kept God’s people from the destroyer.

Friend, your safety in this world is tied to the words of God that you put in your mouth (Psalms 17:4). In this kingdom, we don’t say what we see, we say what we want to see. Your circumstance is is not as powerful your confession. God gave us His word to have dominion in the world. A closed mouth is a closed destiny.

There are three (3) forces that can bring destruction into the life of a man; the wickedness of the devil, the scheme of man and your personal mistakes. If you must live in safety this season, you must learn to bring these three forces under the power of God’s word. You must learn to superimpose what God has said on these trio.

There is the path of the destroyer and there is the path of the blesser. A lot of people ignorantly or carelessly walk the path of the destroyer and they become victims in life. Success comes when your path and the blesser cross, and failure comes when you cross path with the destroyer (Psalms 17:4, Hebrews 7:1,7).

You must learn to use the instrumentality of God’s word to have a favourable reality in life. You must learn to put the word of God on your lips. You are saved by grace but you become safe by the word. When your confession negates the terms of the covenant even God cannot help you (Isaiah 54:17).

In this challenging times and season what you say of YOUR God matters (Psalms 91:2). It does not matter the economic crises or political instabilities, what you say of your God is what matters. If your God is your healer, say it. If He is your defence, say it. If the Lord is your Shepherd, say it. If He is your provider, say it. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so (Psalms 107:2).

‘Demola Awoyele
Lead Pastor,
Destiny Impact Church
Akure, Nigeria